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Business Transformation Solutions with TSI

For more than 20 years, TSI has helped organizations scale with greater efficiency and profitability.  Our projects have focused on improving our clients’ processes, technology and organizations leveraging our expertise working with clients in a number of industries. 

Today’s businesses are highly focused on scaling while being mindful of their perceived customer experience, process improvement and change management. Our team of professionals at TSI consists of experienced industry veterans and former Big Four consultants. We specialize in identifying and implementing key improvement opportunities that enable your organization to run more efficiently. Whether changes to your management structure, your internal processes, or your technology systems, TSI’s consultants are well equipped to help.

Organizational Change Management

TSI specializes in Change Management with our systematic approach to transitioning individuals, teams, or entire organizations to a desired future state. Using a variety of tools, TSI collaborates with our clients to define goals, communication strategies, motivational drivers, obstacles that may block change, skill development area and other facets to bring the desired change to life.

Business Transformation and Improving Processes

TSI’s proficiency in process improvement, analysis and transformation enables us to identify optimization opportunities within your current processes and workflows. By identifying business objectives, we can assist in the alteration of processes to increase effectiveness. Most often, these goals include: increasing profits, reducing costs, increasing quality, improving the customer experience and increasing performance. We focus on improving both internal processes and external customer and stakeholder experience; creating profitable processes, and happy customers.

Technology Strategy

TSI’s information technology services include assessment of enterprise technology and evaluation of of existing technologies that have become outdated, redundant, costly and thwart growth. We work with clients to establish an IT strategy, select the right technology and provide program management and change management consultation to ensure the implementation is successful. TSI also assists clients with Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments of implementations to provide an objective assessment of an IT department as well as a complex implementation project.

Why TSI?

Surrounded by experienced, capable and results-oriented professionals, TSI is led by Dan Feely, the Managing Partner and Founding Partner of TSI. TSI’s Management Team consists of seasoned, energetic, results-oriented individuals who have proven themselves within a variety of industries and/or big four consulting firms. Our results and delivery obsessed consultants have chosen to join TSI and more directly affect our client’s results.

Our Consultants

TSI utilizes a variety of tools and techniques during our projects to quickly assess the performance of an organization’s business processes and then, by combining resident insight with our best practices and objectivity, rapidly create an implementation plan.  TSI’s approach, and its application, enables TSI to lead enterprise transformation projects that assist in the complete reinvention of an enterprise as well as focused process improvement projects.  Our expertise, in addition to our approach, tools and techniques helps to ensure a truly “customized” solution that allows strategic initiatives to be incorporated in the fabric of an organization.

Our Approach

Our company’s values are the framework of the TSI brand.  Objectivity, fact-based, sound judgment, ethical behavior, competency and respect we show one another and our clients, define who we are and what sets us apart from other consulting firms.  TSI is Easy to Do Business With and we take great pride in our client relationship and results.

Our Values

TSI’s clients span many industries and sizes ranging from some of the fastest growing for profit companies to large public universities.  Often, the organizations we help are growing rapidly or are “stuck” in their growth, yet have a sense of urgency about addressing market conditions threatening their ability to grow.  While many of those organizations fall in the $100 million to $2 billion range.  Each year, we have numerous clients above and below those ranges.

Client Testimonials

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